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Quill & Quire

Join the Revolution Comrade: Journeys and Essays, Charles Foran(April 2008)

Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear, Dan Gardener, (June 2008)

Coventry, Helen Humphreys, (September 2008)

The Extraordinary Event of Pia H., Nicola Vulpe, (January 2009)

The Cello Suites: J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, and the Search for a Baroque Masterpiece, Eric Siblin, (March 2009)

Truth and Other Fictions, Eva Tihanyi, (July 2009)

Galore, Michael Crummey, (Guest Review, September 2009)

The Case Against Owen Williams, Allan Donaldson, (September 2010)

The Blue Light Project, Timothy Taylor, (Guest Review, March 2011)

All the Voices Cry, Alice Petersen, (April 2012)

Out of the Blue, Jan Wong, (June 2012)

Thirst, Shree Ghatage, (July 2012)

Sleeping Funny, Miranda Hill, (October 2012)

The Painted Girls, Cathy Marie Buchanan, (December 2012)

Blood and Salt, Barbara Sapergia, (January 2013)

South of Elfrida, Holley Rubinsky, (March 2013)

Flee, Fly, Flown , Janet Hepburn, (April 2013)

Belinda’s Rings, Corinna Chong, (May 2013)

Free Magic Secrets Revealed, Mark Leiren-Young, (June 2013)

They Called Me Number One , Bev Sellars, (July/August 2013)

Muse, Mary Novik, (September 2013)

The Figures of Beauty, David McFarlane, (December 2013)

The Eye of the Day, Dennison Smith, (January 2014)

The License of War, Claire Letemendia, (April 2014)

All My Puny Sorrows , Miriam Toews, (May 2014)

Interference, Michelle Berry, (July/August 2014)

Come Back, Rudy Wiebe, (September 2014)

Quartet for the End of Time, Johanna Skibsrud, (October 2014)

Some Extremely Boring Drives, Marguerite Pigeon, (November 2014)

Celia’s Song, Lee Maracle, (December 2014)

The Evening Chorus, Helen Humphreys, (March 2015)

Higher Ed , Tessa McWatt, (March 2015)

At the Water’s Edge, Sara Gruen, (April 2015)

Red Jacket, Pamela Mordecai, (May 2015)

Close to Hugh, Marina Endicott, (July-August 2015)

Wild Rose, Sharon Butala, (September 2015)

The Lake, Perrine LeBlanc, (October 2015)

Night Moves, Richard Van Camp, (December 2015)

The Crooked Heart of Mercy, Billie Livingston, (March 2016)

The Most Heartless Town in Canada, Elaine McCluskey, (June 2016)

The Spawning Grounds, Gail Anderson-Dargatz, (July-August 2016)

Five Roses, Alice Zorn, (forthcoming September 2016)

Belief, Mayank Bhatt, (forthcoming October 2016)

News of the World, Paulette Giles, (November 2016)

2016 Books of the Year, Reviewers’ Picks, On the Shores of Darkness, There is Light, (December 2016)

The Chosen Maiden, Eva Stachniak, (January/February 2017)

The Ghost Orchard, Helen Humphreys, (July-August 2017)

The Burning Girl, Claire Messud, (September 2017)

A Reckoning, Linda Spalding, (November 2017)

Ghost Warning, Kara Stanley, (November 2017)

2017 Books of the Year, Reviewers’ Picks, So Much Love, (December 2017)


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